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Why an MC is critical to a successful wedding reception

Aug 3, 2015 - 10:38am

Ever been to a wedding where speeches happen over the clutter of plates and dropping cutlery?

Ever been to a wedding where the MC is nervous, drunk and unprofessional?

Ever been to a wedding where the whole reception is utterly disorganised and the entire audience is embarrassed for the MC? (and the couple getting married)

Avoid all these problems and more by hiring a professional master of ceremony. An MC is more than just a funny guy on a mic. A professional MC works with venues, entertainment agents, stage management teams, photographers, videographers and anyone else involved on the day. They are the final piece to the wedding puzzle.

The three most critical things a MC brings to your wedding are;
Interactive audience
Time management

Although this sounds easy, it is important that each one is perfected. For example: you might have a friend or family member who is capable of all of the above but when put in the “celebration atmosphere” enjoys one too many drinks. You might also have a friend who speaks well but can’t keep their cool when under pressure. Asking a friend or family member to MC at your wedding can also be a burden, they are put under pressure to do well and officially become part of the working team (without the pay).

An MC brings character, keeps formalities and sets the mood. The audience is constantly engaged and interactive. The jokes are actually funny. The voice coming through the microphone is strong and confident.

The MC ensures your event runs smoothly in a timely order by moving people through different stages. From cutting of the cake, to meals, to speeches, to dancing. The band is able to play their entire song list and leave without additional charge. Photos are taken, videos are taken and there are no embarrassing moments of awkward silence.

Hiring a professional MC rules out reception disaster. Hire the perfect master of ceremonies for your wedding with Instinct Events & Entertianment.


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