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How to select your wedding venue safely...

Jun 26, 2015 - 3:25pm

Your wedding is the biggest party you’ve ever thrown and on the surface it appears to be fun and exciting. You are bedazzled with diamonds, dresses, menu-tasting, wine-tasting and beautiful venue visits. However all these fantastic elements can soon be forgotten if the wedding falls apart right from the very beginning.

Below are the top five questions you need to ask, when choosing the “lucky” venue for your wedding.

1. What is the maximum capacity your venue can hold?
For obvious reasons, this is crucial when selecting a space. Don’t feel pressure to cull the guest list. Make sure everyone is there to share the love on your special day. Also ensure you leave enough room for a rocking dance floor.

2. Is there disable access?
Don’t make it awkward, cater for everyone. Prams and wheelchairs. Ask about ramps, accessible lifts and parking spaces.

3. Do I have to use preferred suppliers or can I bring my own?
Read and research the preferred suppliers within the venue. After all they are preferred for a reason. Also look closely at the terms and conditions if you are hiring your own. Seek professional advice before making any executive decisions. be aware, there are often fees to use external suppliers (such as Tech on duty fees for third party audio visual companies)

4. What time can we get access to load in
be warned. it may be great when you are first talking, but venues are all about yield management, if they can squeeze in a lunch before your evening wedding, they will. This may impact your ability to get the band in to sound check, or cause you to pay additional fees for late delivery of flowers, table linen, chair covers, lighting or other event elements.

Make the access time part of your contract form day one. Be warned!! Be clear!

5. Whats the weather contingency plan for outdoor spaces?
Not even the weather man can get this one right! Ensure the venue has a plan B in case it rains. Avoid wet guests and grumpy suppliers at all costs, and ensure thee wedding can run smoothly in all weather conditions.


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