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10 mistakes that will ruin your wedding

Jul 6, 2015 - 3:51pm

Whether you are planning a religious wedding, informal wedding or eloping away to get married on a tropical island, do not make these 10 easy made mistakes.

1. Choosing the wrong photographer
Taking a few photos, easy right? Not exactly. It’s about capturing the magic of the moment. Ensure you have booked a professional and reliable photographer. You only get married once so get it right the first time and make sure those everlasting images are perfect.

2. A band that can’t sing
Picking the perfect band can be difficult. Golden rule is to use an “expert” entertainment agent. Entertainment agents not only negotiate a better package but they see hundreds of bands perform every week. They pay attention to the finer details and know the difference between a fairly decent band to a mind blowing band. DO NOT use the band who is a friend of a friend. Tt will generally end up ruining friendships.

3. Not enough seating
Your chosen venue is too small for the number of guests? If you are having a cocktail wedding, make sure there is enough seating and occasional furniture to allow those in heels a chance to sit. You have two options here; either cut back on the number of attendees or chose another venue. DO NOT ignore this problem! DO NOT try to squish everyone into the space. It will end up claustrophobic, sweaty and guests with high heels will never forgive you.

4. It’s raining on your parade
Raining on your wedding day is actually good luck. With this good luck, don’t be walking down the isle dripping make-up in a brown, muddy dress.
Have a back up plan. Put down a small deposit on marquees or book an indoor space. Best of all, use a professional event planner to help guide you through this process.

5. Food allergies were not catered for
Include this detail on your invitations. When people RSVP, tally up the exact number of food intolerances and confirm this with your caterer two weeks prior to the event, one week prior to the event, 3 days prior to the event and on the day of the event.
Confirm and confirm again. You can never be too sure.

6. You’re out of beverages
Pin-point your guest list. Ask yourself the question: “Are they the type to drink the bar dry or the type who have one drink with dinner”. This will help you decide and pick the best beverage package for your wedding.
Hint: always order more, left over alcohol will never go to waste. It also makes for a great present for those guests who can’t make it.

7. Your paperwork is out of control
Stay organised. Buy a folder and use dividers to sort things out. Dedicate an area for each element of your wedding. Pay your deposits upfront and set reminders in your phone or calendar to pay the remaining. Don’t allow your dream wedding dress to be worn by someone else.

8. Discounts? What are they?
A little bartering never hurt anyone. Get the best value for your money and shop around! Do your research and find those sale items. Your bank account will thank you for it.
Remember, price is what you pay, VALUE is what you get.

9. Forgetting to thank your guests
Although everyone attending already loves you, ensure you give them the gratitude they deserve. Send them home with a personalised gift. Take things a step further and organize for all guests to receive a “thank you” card in the mail whilst you are jet-setting away on your honeymoon.

10. Hire a professional
There is only so much one can do. Tackling a full time job, finding the perfect dress, flowers, hairdresser, finding the right band who will play that “meaningful” song and planning an exotic honeymoon can all become a bit overwhelming.
Make the process stress free by hiring a professional event manager or wedding planner.

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