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Why an MC is critical to a successful wedding reception

Aug 3, 2015 - 10:38am

Ever been to a wedding where speeches happen over the clutter of plates and dropping cutlery?

Ever been to a wedding where the MC is nervous, drunk and unprofessional?

Ever been to a wedding where the whole reception is utterly disorganised and the entire audience is embarrassed for the MC? (and the couple getting married)

Avoid all these problems and more by hiring a professional master of ceremony. An MC is more than just a funny guy on a mic. A professional MC works with venues, entertainment agents, stage management teams, photographers, videographers and anyone else involved on the day. They are the final piece to the wedding puzzle.

The three most critical things a MC brings to your wedding are;
Interactive audience
Time management

Although this sounds easy, it is important that each one is perfected. For example: you might have a friend or family member who is capable of all of the above but when put in the “celebration atmosphere” enjoys one too many drinks. You might also have a friend who speaks well but can’t keep their cool when under pressure. Asking a friend or family member to MC at your wedding can also be a burden, they are put under pressure to do well and officially become part of the working team (without the pay).

An MC brings character, keeps formalities and sets the mood. The audience is constantly engaged and interactive. The jokes are actually funny. The voice coming through the microphone is strong and confident.

The MC ensures your event runs smoothly in a timely order by moving people through different stages. From cutting of the cake, to meals, to speeches, to dancing. The band is able to play their entire song list and leave without additional charge. Photos are taken, videos are taken and there are no embarrassing moments of awkward silence.

Hiring a professional MC rules out reception disaster. Hire the perfect master of ceremonies for your wedding with Instinct Events & Entertianment.


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Choose the right wedding music for every special moment

Jul 20, 2015 - 3:10pm

Music creates atmosphere for any event. It elevates the mood, brings people together and captures the moment. Best of all, music brings everyone onto the same level emotionally. When walking down the aisle you want your guests to feel mesmerized. You want your guests to be engaged. You also wanted your guests to be simply, in the moment.

The formula; perfect time + perfect choice = magic moments.

1. Get the timing right
To distinguish the perfect music, you have to first identify the different moments in your wedding. Although playing a bunch of songs may sound easy, there is actually a step by step process. The four stages are;

Stage 1 guests arriving
Stage 2 walking in of the bride
Stage 3 signing of registry
Stage 4 final/walking out

Now the different timing stages have been distinguished you can begin choosing perfectly suited songs.

2. The perfect music
This part of the equation is crucial. Simply put, the wrong song at the wrong time will create mixed emotions at your wedding. It is important to not mess this up.

Stage 1: guests arriving is about relaxing your guests in preparation for the big moment of walking of the bride. When guests first arrive at the venue, they will be utterly distracted. Whether this is by the unfamiliar surroundings, seating arrangements, other guests or small devices such as mobile phones. This current time suits perfectly to play some background music with little to no vocals. Keeping it instrumental and building suspense for the uplifting moment the bride walks down the aisle.

Stage 2 walking in of the bride is the time to pump things up. There will be a short pause where groomsmen take their set positions, then the transition from instrumental to vocals begins. The singing and upbeat tempo immediately raise spirits in the room. The “chosen song” exhilarates the bride and groom giving off a scent of brightness to all the guests. The bride arrives at the alter in perfect beat to the band and the ceremony begins.

By hiring an experienced wedding band you are guaranteed smooth transitions between songs. The band will ensure the chorus and verses are played to suit the schedule and easily adjust to any last minute changes (going unnoticed).

Stage 3 signing of the registry is another uplifting moment. You want it to remain cheery and engaging for your guests yet romantic for you and your “almost” husband. Pick a song with meaningful lyrics and a medium beat. This will create the perfect atmosphere for both yourself and your audience.

Signing the registry can take up to ten minutes to complete, it is recommended to pick out two songs (just in case) you run over schedule.

Stage 4: final/walking out is a moment of celebration (we hope so)! You just got hitched and the room is full of love.This is the moment where the band takes control. They turn up the volume and entertain with some upbeat, energetic, love never felt so good tunes. You can’t wipe the smile off your face and some of your guests may even shed some tears. Taking the first steps as husband and wife is an extremely touching moment so ensure you have the best of the best music complimenting your big moment.

Follow this link some of Instincts favourite wedding artists:

3. The final step
When the values of perfect timing and perfect music accompany each other, you create a magic moment. In fact, you will have many magic moments on your special day.

However, many of these will go unnoticed. Your day will tick away so fast, it will not be until a later date you realize just how magical the event was. When you hear a song replay from your wedding day, you want to be taken back to that lively, ecstatic feeling.

Allow your wedding day to be the most memorable day of your life by hiring an professional entertainment agent or wedding planner. The passion, experience and success is simply priceless.

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10 mistakes that will ruin your wedding

Jul 6, 2015 - 3:51pm

Whether you are planning a religious wedding, informal wedding or eloping away to get married on a tropical island, do not make these 10 easy made mistakes.

1. Choosing the wrong photographer
Taking a few photos, easy right? Not exactly. It’s about capturing the magic of the moment. Ensure you have booked a professional and reliable photographer. You only get married once so get it right the first time and make sure those everlasting images are perfect.

2. A band that can’t sing
Picking the perfect band can be difficult. Golden rule is to use an “expert” entertainment agent. Entertainment agents not only negotiate a better package but they see hundreds of bands perform every week. They pay attention to the finer details and know the difference between a fairly decent band to a mind blowing band. DO NOT use the band who is a friend of a friend. Tt will generally end up ruining friendships.

3. Not enough seating
Your chosen venue is too small for the number of guests? If you are having a cocktail wedding, make sure there is enough seating and occasional furniture to allow those in heels a chance to sit. You have two options here; either cut back on the number of attendees or chose another venue. DO NOT ignore this problem! DO NOT try to squish everyone into the space. It will end up claustrophobic, sweaty and guests with high heels will never forgive you.

4. It’s raining on your parade
Raining on your wedding day is actually good luck. With this good luck, don’t be walking down the isle dripping make-up in a brown, muddy dress.
Have a back up plan. Put down a small deposit on marquees or book an indoor space. Best of all, use a professional event planner to help guide you through this process.

5. Food allergies were not catered for
Include this detail on your invitations. When people RSVP, tally up the exact number of food intolerances and confirm this with your caterer two weeks prior to the event, one week prior to the event, 3 days prior to the event and on the day of the event.
Confirm and confirm again. You can never be too sure.

6. You’re out of beverages
Pin-point your guest list. Ask yourself the question: “Are they the type to drink the bar dry or the type who have one drink with dinner”. This will help you decide and pick the best beverage package for your wedding.
Hint: always order more, left over alcohol will never go to waste. It also makes for a great present for those guests who can’t make it.

7. Your paperwork is out of control
Stay organised. Buy a folder and use dividers to sort things out. Dedicate an area for each element of your wedding. Pay your deposits upfront and set reminders in your phone or calendar to pay the remaining. Don’t allow your dream wedding dress to be worn by someone else.

8. Discounts? What are they?
A little bartering never hurt anyone. Get the best value for your money and shop around! Do your research and find those sale items. Your bank account will thank you for it.
Remember, price is what you pay, VALUE is what you get.

9. Forgetting to thank your guests
Although everyone attending already loves you, ensure you give them the gratitude they deserve. Send them home with a personalised gift. Take things a step further and organize for all guests to receive a “thank you” card in the mail whilst you are jet-setting away on your honeymoon.

10. Hire a professional
There is only so much one can do. Tackling a full time job, finding the perfect dress, flowers, hairdresser, finding the right band who will play that “meaningful” song and planning an exotic honeymoon can all become a bit overwhelming.
Make the process stress free by hiring a professional event manager or wedding planner.

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How to select your wedding venue safely...

Jun 26, 2015 - 3:25pm

Your wedding is the biggest party you’ve ever thrown and on the surface it appears to be fun and exciting. You are bedazzled with diamonds, dresses, menu-tasting, wine-tasting and beautiful venue visits. However all these fantastic elements can soon be forgotten if the wedding falls apart right from the very beginning.

Below are the top five questions you need to ask, when choosing the “lucky” venue for your wedding.

1. What is the maximum capacity your venue can hold?
For obvious reasons, this is crucial when selecting a space. Don’t feel pressure to cull the guest list. Make sure everyone is there to share the love on your special day. Also ensure you leave enough room for a rocking dance floor.

2. Is there disable access?
Don’t make it awkward, cater for everyone. Prams and wheelchairs. Ask about ramps, accessible lifts and parking spaces.

3. Do I have to use preferred suppliers or can I bring my own?
Read and research the preferred suppliers within the venue. After all they are preferred for a reason. Also look closely at the terms and conditions if you are hiring your own. Seek professional advice before making any executive decisions. be aware, there are often fees to use external suppliers (such as Tech on duty fees for third party audio visual companies)

4. What time can we get access to load in
be warned. it may be great when you are first talking, but venues are all about yield management, if they can squeeze in a lunch before your evening wedding, they will. This may impact your ability to get the band in to sound check, or cause you to pay additional fees for late delivery of flowers, table linen, chair covers, lighting or other event elements.

Make the access time part of your contract form day one. Be warned!! Be clear!

5. Whats the weather contingency plan for outdoor spaces?
Not even the weather man can get this one right! Ensure the venue has a plan B in case it rains. Avoid wet guests and grumpy suppliers at all costs, and ensure thee wedding can run smoothly in all weather conditions.


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10 Wedding Ceremony Tips to make sure your Wedding Ceremony is Perfect

Jun 18, 2015 - 1:49pm

Who is the celebrant ? religious or not?
This is the biggest day of your life so whomever you choose to preside over it is a big choice. are you having a church wedding ? If it is a Catholic or orthodox cermeony you may have to ask permission to have live music within the church, chapel or synagogue. Choose wisely and ask a lot of questions before deciding.

Wedding rings:
It is iusual practice to exchange rings at a wedding ceremony! Double check that you have them on you on the day!! If you don’t have a pocket in your outfit, entrust someone else with the rings, either Mum or Dad or the best man is the usual choice!

Personalized Vows:
The vows are a big part of the wedding ceremony. Once you have written down your vows, make sure you have a copy with you. Why not use a small card as a cheat sheet? Ask the celebrant or the person officiating the wedding to hold onto it until the right moment.

Remember always speak from the heart, make your vows meaningful and sincere, however, remember to save some special words for the toast or speech later in the night.

Make your ceremony You-Nique
Have a ceremony that reflects who you are a couple. What is the overall feeling and atmosphere you want for the day? Take advise, research and reads up, but then look in your heart and decide what suits to two of you! Choose together!

Choose the location carefully
The setting can have a massive impact on the atmosphere of the day, so choose wisely. It is not juts about the two of you (although it mostly is!) Your family heritage, religion, upbringing and history will impact your choice.  Take all this onboard, but then choose what is BEST for the two of you!

Wedding Ceremony Music
Nothing beats live music. It can create an electric atmosphere and help create the magic moment that will stay in your memory and the memories of your guests for the rest of your lives. Select music that has meaning to you both as a couple, and ONLY USE PROFESSIONALS. If you are unsure who is the ebst fit for your needs, simply ask us.

Choose fabulous music that uplifts the spirit and stirs emotions. The music should build a climactic bridal entrance. The processional music should not go for too long, with the usual length being 1-4 compositions. Some couples also choose interlude music, particularly during the signing of the marriage registry and for the close of the ceremony and exit.

Wedding Ceremony Programs
Not everyone has a wedding ceremony program, but it does help your guests understand the flow of the event, the rituals and who is doing what and when! If you need help with this, simply ask us, we can arrnage a graphic design and printing if need be.

Who is giving away the bride?
Tradition dictates that the father of bride gives away the bride, however, if you father has passed away, or is not part of your life, you may choose another person to fill this role. The most popular choice is a brother or uncle. The general rule is to choose a man who has offered guidance or love to you throughout your life to date.

If you have been raised by a single mother, why not honour all that she has done for you by asking her?  In some cultures it is traditional for both parents to give away the bride.

More than one Dad?
With so many families being blended, it may indeed be a question of which Dad? Biological or step dad? What If you had 2 gay fathers? One option is to choose both fathers and walk down the isle arm in arm. It is a personal choice, and you may choose to honour both father figures. Remember, it is up to you and know one else!

Acknowledge others
A ceremony is a wonderful time to acknowledge parents, family and friends that have supported and loved you leading up to this moment. Share your appreciation of this support with them on this special day and thank them

Photos and videos
it is an important day, so think about what sort of photos you want? locations and who should be in the shots.  Plan this out to reduce stress and confusion on the day



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