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Choose songs that are special to you and hear them live during your special moments when walking the isle, signing the registry, and even your first dance. Acoustic Ceremony will ensure that you have full control over the weddings songs performed at your wedding.
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Our Wedding Music Videos is the official website for acoustic wedding ceremony performers. Our artists re-create acoustic renditions of your all time favourite love songs and classic hits at wedding ceremonies and reception in Melbourne, Sydney and Queensland.
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You can expect a professional, high quality performance, where you are able to exclusively choose your songs for your wedding ceremony. Even if your song is not in the songlist, it will be ready on the big day. Apply online and get a free quote.

Have you ever thought "why live music?"

You're probably asking; 'Why would I pay more money for a live performer to play/sing my bridal songs for my wedding, rather than playing them from a CD/IPOD?'

Because YOU GET MARRIED ONCE in a life time, and you will always remember that magic moment. You want to ensure your special moments are perfect.

1) Wedding Music that is performed live, always sounds more sincere and engaging when compared to CD quality.

It's is related to the physics/science of acoustics, and you & your guests will be spellbound while watching the bridal dance, walk down the isle.. etc

2) Perfect Timing and Syncronising?

Let The MUSIC for your wedding follow you.

It is difficult to arrange your steps and timing when walking down the isle towards the celebrant, even if you practise / rehearse a million times. You will have to follow the music from a CD, rather than allowing the music to follow you. A live performer will watch your steps and arranges the music to come to an end in a smooth, fluent fashion as you reach the end of the isle.

3) Technical Problems?? OMG!!!

Don't say 'it's a one in a million chance!', We have seen it happen many times before.
What if the CD is scratched, or skipping? What if the CD player decides not to play for a second? What if the guy controlling the music is a moron? What if the IPODS/Laptop's battery dies?? Who will you blame for all these? Wouldn't it be too late?

Hire a professional. Let Acoustic Ceremony sort it out!

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